The island


Donghyeok Seo (FLIPEVIL)


the island

3 weeks. The time given to me was 3 weeks.
For someone, it will be short if it is short and long if it is long.
While working, I wanted to say ‘I wish I had more days off’
But since I was given three weeks, I didn’t know what to do.

I just headed to the island.

There was nothing special to do.
There was nothing that i have to.
No plan was my plan.
After hearing my brother’s words,
I just decided to walk the Olle road the next day.
I walked the Olle road closest to the place
where I am now
and recorded the process of the road in a video.

A black stone with a hole
was created by the island people to live,
not for beauty.
As the symbol of the island, a Dolhareubang
that from their faith, from their lives
becames the best artwork.

It’s not like that.

A quiet Jeju island is not quiet.
It just looks quiet.

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